TOP 5 Adults Only Hotels in Ibiza

Located in the Mediterranean, Ibiza is among the most popular tourist attractions in the world. It attracts thousands of people every year thanks to the incredible nightlife and breathtaking scenery. Exploring the island can be quite an adventure and pretty much everyone will discover something truly magical. Moreover, there are more than 20 hotels exclusively for adults (no kids around) – a perfect option to relax without worrying about any distractions. Looking to get away from it all? Here is a list of five best adults-only hotels for you to choose from:


1. Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel

The best Adults Only hotel in Ibiza island
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The luxurious and pretty much exclusive hotel can boast of being one of the modern creations of the island. Whether you want to have a night of a lifetime or witness a sunrise with a group of friends, this is a place for you. The hotel has more than 180 rooms who scream the word “luxury” at you so you will always find a spare one for your pleasure. The partying is non-stop, all you need to do is pick a place and time you want to join. After a rough night, what better way to relax and reflect on your night than a breakfast while receiving a massage? Sounds too perfect, but it is a standard when it comes to Ushuaia. Not a fan of breakfast and like to sleep until it’s afternoon? That’s no issue. Plenty of people are nocturnal creatures, and if your goal is to truly explore the night, getting plenty of sleep after you come back at dawn is mandatory. Gourmet food, stunning views, and a bustling nightlife. What more one would want? 


2. Ca Na Xica – Hotel & Spa

Second best Adults Only hotel in Ibiza
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The creation is a result of what Ibiza really stands for as an island – a place of tranquility and relaxation – a place where everyone can find inner peace and discover what it’s really like to get away from it all. The smiles of people there are all genuine. Natural trees surrounding the hotel create a perfect harmony and balance, not to mention an opportunity to taste fruit right from there. 20 roomy suites are for those special people who have the privilege to enjoy this piece of paradise. Every little detail is taken care of, you will truly feel like a god. So why not spoil yourself and forget the worries in a relaxing pool or spa? And let’s not forget the restaurants who offer the most delicious food in the world. The staff of Ca Na Xica makes sure that you will cherish the time spent here, and will do everything to come back here again and repeat what might be the time of your life.


3. Sol Beach House Ibiza

Adults Only hotel Sol Beach House Ibiza
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The little piece of paradise is located right by the sea, so it is a perfect location for those seeking serenity. Relaxing and enjoying one’s company should not be an issue. The hotel truly has a lot to offer. Gorgeous rooms with a sea view, various places to eat, including restaurants and bars, free Wi-Fi, and pretty much everything else one might look in order to forget everything and enjoy the pleasures of life. Sol Beach House Ibiza will leave you more surprised than you expect. The architecture of the hotel will remind you of what traditional Mediterranean looks like. A combination of antiquity and modern design makes it very attractive. Food junkies will be able to try every dish from all over the world. Top chefs will take care of all your eating needs by adding the extra touch of local cuisine. Modern bars to enjoy a drink or a swim in an outdoor pool should seal the deal.


4. Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort

Adults Only hotel Sensimar Ibiza Beach Resort
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This adults-only hotel opened just a couple of years ago and is becoming more popular every year. 4 different buildings of a complex have nearly 200 various rooms for you to choose from. The hotel can be found on one of the quietest spots of the island, making it the perfect place to run from everything and enjoy the silence. Pine forests that surround the resort create a quiet and idyllic mood, making Sensimar such an attractive destination for adults who are seeking a place of tranquility. As food is one of the life’s pleasures, trying new stuff should be on everyone’s list. The place where you eat can mean as much as the food itself, and the resort has one of the unique settings. Every evening there is entertainment, and the food is simply delicious. Unforgettable experience and wishing that your life had more of these moments are waiting for you at Sensimar resort.


5. Tropicana Ibiza Coast Suites

Adults Only hotel Tropicana Ibiza Coast Suites
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The design of the hotel will remind you of something playful, which is just perfect. Freshness, elegance, and the feeling of being in a tropical paradise make it one of the most attractive locations in Ibiza. Located only 200 meters away from the beach, this unique creation of architecture will be something you will never forget. Relaxing music, top service, and delicious cocktails give the place a sense of paradise. One of the gimmicks of the hotel is that every room is named after a cocktail. Every room has a kitchen, so for those who prefer to make their own food, here’s your chance. Once you leave your suite, there is a bar waiting for you, so grabbing a drink is easier than ever. The most attractive thing about the hotel is its pools. Plenty of decorations and other elements create a tropical paradise. Moreover, there are a lot of surprises waiting there for you. What is the point of spoiling everything when you can pack your stuff and get there right now?