About Us


AdultyHotels.com is an easy-to-use online hotel booking and reservation system oriented to both adults and young adults seeking for a relaxing and luxurious vacation time. We all know that holidays with or around children might be quite a challenge sometimes. Endless screams and loud laughs may eventually cause irritation, stress and even anger. To help You avoid this and make sure Your holiday time will feel like a paradise on earth we offer You an online hotel booking and reservation system which will help You to choose a hotel ideal for a delightful and joyful holiday.

Here at AdultyHotels.com people by few simple clicks can easily find and book a room in one of the adults-only hotels we offer. The name of the system was not chosen accidentally. Word “adulty“ is used broadly by young people who think they “behave like grown-ups“ and also feel like them. Therefore, some of the hotels in the system are young-adults friendly, welcoming teenagers from 12, 14 or 16 years old.

The name perfectly communicates the main idea behind it – all of the hotels in the AdultyHotel.com system have been designed to meet the need of those who are looking for a chilled and relaxed place with luxurious, peaceful and comfortable surroundings. Here You can find a perfect place to spend time with your partner or have a good time with Your friends. All the facilities in the hotels are designed to provide You with the most relaxing and exclusive vacation time You can get.

Guests who are looking for a special atmosphere with a broad range of services at hand will find it all at these hotels. From a broad selection of carefully selected foods to a wide range of leisure activities designed especially for adults. From specialized services to delightful SPA treatments and relaxation for the mind – guests will be able to enjoy all sorts of services.

Hotels available at AdultyHotels.com offer a full program of entertainment designed for adults — live modern club music, famous DJs performances, entertainment shows and parties, wellness and sports activities and much more. No matter how exclusive Your needs are, You can easily find a hotel which will meet them all.

Those, who have just got married will also find their pick. At AdultyHotels.com system you can find a perfect hotel where You and Your spouse will be able to enjoy Your honeymoon with no unnecessary interruptions. Moreover, peaceful and natural surroundings around the hotels will transform Your casual dinners and lazy walks to a romantic and unforgetable experience.

AdultyHotels.com is connected with the Booking.com system. This allows us to give You the best price offers which aren’t any different from the prices available at Booking.com