Santorini travel guide

Santorini island white houses

When it comes to Greece, Santorini is one of the most popular places to visit among the tourists. Located in the Aegean Sea, this volcanic paradise will leave you speechless.

Once there, you will be able to enjoy everything the ocean has to offer in terms of imagery and comfy beaches, not to mention the architecture of a great country and local cuisine as well as wineries.

Santorini is a place known for its violent nature. Some people believe that the volcano explosion that was responsible for dooming Minoans was one of the grandest our world has ever seen. Nevertheless, the catastrophe left a mind-blowing footmark that everyone should see.

The island is one of the places which remind us that a man can thrive despite harsh environment around him. Nowadays Santorini has two islands with habitants and a couple of uninhabited, smaller islands. The biggest attraction is Thira, an island which has some of the major island towns.

Santorini is becoming famous for a place people go to get married. This includes not only Greeks but people all across the planet. Some believe that the reason behind this is the fact that you can enjoy peace and serenity of calm waters while standing on a vast volcano.



People suggest that Akrotiri is a great site for those who want to feel like they are traveling through time. The city collapsed more than 3700 years ago after numerous earthquakes and a volcano eruption. Thanks to the material from the volcano, the architecture stands to this day, pretty much like in Pompeii.


Located in the north of Santorini, this is probably the greatest example of a Greek Island village. An ideal place to spend your time, Oia offers its visitors a pick from many houses which are turned into hotels. These houses are basically at the center of the action and staying there will enable you to experience magnificent sunsets and everything the place has to offer. Forget your worries as you enjoy the scenery and look deep into the horizon.

Santorini island village Oia


A capital of the island can boast of being located on a cliff which is higher than 250 meters. This offers quite a sensational view of a volcano. The nightlife is also an impressive one as the capital has plenty of great restaurants and nightclubs for those who seek an adventure.

Nea Kameni

This island, or better yet, a volcano, is among the strongest the Earth has. In the 17th century BC the eruption which was responsible for the doom of Santorini also caused tsunamis which traveled as far as the current Turkey and according to some, was responsible for wiping out Minoans. Despite the fact that the newer craters are not active, they are still being constantly watched by scientists. You can visit the site by boat and take some steps on the crater in order to get a better view of it.

Red Beach

You will not find another beach like that in Greece. Tall cliffs with a hue of red surround the sand. Even though it is not an ideal place for sunbathing enthusiasts, it is still worth a visit. You can find it by leaving Akrotiri and spending a couple of minutes on your feet.

Red beach in Santorini



When it comes to swimming and relaxing on a comfortable sand, Perissa is your pick. It also offers plenty of excellent places to go once you go hungry. A journey of about 30 minutes with a car should get you there if you come from Fira, 45 minutes from Oia. Kamari beach is also a great choice, almost identical to Perissa. It also has a street for pedestrians only, which is a real treat during the night once all the people gather.

Try the local cuisine

If you did not try out the local food what would be the point of even coming there? By trying locally grown cherry tomatoes or any other vegetable you will be able to experience the true meaning of living in such a paradise. “Hloro tyri”, a goat cheese, goes great with superb wines made from grapes which are grown on the spot. Pretty much everything on the menu will be a new experience to a tourist. Everything is excellent and it is the perfect time to spoil yourself with some exotic stuff.

Santorini cuisine and wines


Despite being pretty much empty, the center of Fira is still a worthy location to go to. Everyone should experience a ride via cable-car which will get you to the old port. You will be able to enjoy everything nature has formed. It is believed to be one of the best rides of the sort our continent has to offer.

Visit museums

Museum of Prehistoric Thera, as well as the Archeological Museum, is a great way to experience what the life was like on the island centuries ago. The archeological findings are all stored and placed on the pedestals for people to admire. Sculptures and everyday household items will let you look deeper and empathize with the life of the locals.

Hike from Fira to Oia

The ideal activity for those who seek a true experience. It depends on the speed, but the journey should take you about three to four hours. The path is set for you to take on and enjoy mind- blowing imagery caldera of Santorini offers.

Watch the sunset in Oia

Take a bottle of delicious wine and bring someone with you to enjoy the sunset. One thing to note, though – you will not be there on your own since so many people want to experience the view. However, if you want a more remote place, you can choose between Profitis Ilias or Vlihada beach.

Romantic dinner

Those who seek a romance, Santorini is a perfect choice and probably the best Greece has to offer. A magnificent scenery of nature will only amplify your experience. There are plenty of different restaurants to choose from so even the pickiest people will find a meal they can enjoy.

Romantic dinner on the cliff in Santorini


The ideal time to do so would be either spring or autumn. During these seasons the weather is perfect and there aren’t as many cruise ships. On top of that, the prices are lower if compared to those you would encounter in the summer. However, if you decide to come during autumn, do so before the end of September because the storm season begins and pretty much every attraction the island has to offer closes.