Couples holiday destinations in Spain


Mallorca most popular couples holiday destination

Majorca is without a doubt one of the most attractive locations for holiday Spain has to offer. A bustling capital and breathtaking beaches are only a couple of reasons why the island is so charming. It is the first choice when it comes to successful adults only holiday destination in Spain.


The second name of the island is “The Pearl of the Mediterranean.” Majorca attracts people with a bright sun, beautiful sand and tranquil sea. Not to mention the nightlife the capital has to offer, and other attractions visitors can explore. This island is often considered to be the best holiday destination. After all, not that many places are blessed with everything that this place has. Ask yourself this. If you had a chance to live on an island that has hundreds of kilometres of the best beaches in the world, one of the most attractive capital cities, and sunshine throughout the year, would you be able to resist the charms? Didn’t think so. The rest of the population is not an exception. For those who are seeking adventure and want to explore the nightlife of Majorca, location on the west coast is the ideal choice. Whether you end up in Palma or Magaluf, there will be more than enough nightclubs and bars which are crowded with people. People from all over the planet come and visit this paradise, so why not grab your ticket now and get going? Majorca can boast of having the best beaches in the world. Hundreds of different beaches can be found on the island. It’s entirely up to you which one you want to visit. Moreover, more than 30 beaches have received the prestigious Blue Flag award. Quite a recognition, if you ask us. Adults Only Hotels in Majorca.


Ibiza popular adults only holiday destination

As far as the second most popular adults-only holiday destination goes, Ibiza takes the cake on this one. Known for all the nightlife, Ibiza has more to offer. Breathtaking coastline with all sorts of coves is waiting to be discovered. And don’t get us started on hotels – they are one of the greatest achievements of the island. If you happen to be visiting the island in autumn or winter, there is an opportunity to delve even deeper, especially if you are a history enthusiast. There are more than sixty beaches that attract people from all over the world. Combine that with the best nightclubs Earth has to offer, and you have a perfect combination. If you ever get tired of the nightlife, consider taking a boat cruise to forget all your worries. You can witness the marine life, which is extremely attractive. If you are interested in pirates, why not go to the legendary Can Marca, where smugglers did all their dirty work. Long ago, pirates thrived in this place, and those who come and explore the place for themselves get to feel how things were back then. As far as the beaches go, there are some which attract thousands of people, and some which are more secluded. Nevertheless, if you don’t like sand, there are cliffs and mountains for your pleasure. For animal and plant lovers, nature reserves offer a huge variety of flora and fauna to see. And if you happen to love old towns, visiting Dalt Villa should be something on your priority list. It doesn’t matter what kind of a person you are; everyone will find something interesting to do on the island. Adults Only Hotels in Ibiza.


Tenerife adult holidays

While it might not be as popular as the two other islands, Tenerife still attracts more than ten million people throughout the year. All-inclusive resorts and nightlife go hand in hand with beaches, creating a beautiful location. However, Tenerife offers more than that. Civilization and culture can be found if you delve deeper into the life of the island. You will discover the sunshine here throughout the year. It is no wonder that so many partygoers, couples, and groups of friends come to escape from their daily life in this piece of paradise. And if you are not interested in the warmth and sunshine, be sure to visit the local stores and explore the local culture. Sunbathing on one of those stunning beaches, having a go at water sports, going for a hike or exploring what the stores have to offer. All of this and more can be found in Santa Cruz. Add nightlife, a wide variety of clubs and bars, and you have a winning combination. While some of the beaches might be overcrowded, there are some secluded areas for those who want to spend time alone. It is also worth pointing out that Tenerife is an extremely valuable destination regarding money. You will spend less here than you would in the rest of the Canary Islands. Adults Only Hotels in Tenerife.


Menorca beautiful adult holiday destination

This island is the place to go if you want to forget your worries. Plenty of different beaches and an overall tranquil atmosphere make the island an attractive place for those who want to avoid nightlife and simply take a walk. If you’ve had an opportunity to visit either Ibiza or Majorca, you will immediately notice how different Menorca is. The beaches of Menorca have the sunshine for almost 12 hours every day. Usually, not a lot of people are using them, so it’s easier to relax. Cala en Porter, Cala Galdana are two of the most visited beaches. Meanwhile, Mahon and Ciutadella are the biggest and most populated towns of Menorca. Plenty to see there for history fans regarding architecture. This whole island was given a name by the Romans. It means “little one” in Lingua Latina. Overall, history enthusiasts will find the place extremely attractive. The Naveta d’es Tudons is the just the best thing. Tombs that date back the Bronze Age are located near Ciutadella. Everything sounds like an unbelievable experience. Mahon, which is the capital of Menorca, also has plenty of things from the past, though they are a bit more recent. Adults Only Hotels in Menorca.


Costa Blanca popular older couples holiday destination

Just like the name suggests, this one is named after a coastline which is more than two hundred kilometres long. Another successful adults only holiday destination, Costa Blanca is especially favoured by the British. Great weather and sunny beaches, low ticket prices for flying. Those who come to the island have plenty to choose from. Alicante is made for those who want a bustling life and surround themselves with people, while Moraira is an excellent choice if you want to spend your days lying on a beach. Costa Blanca is an attractive location because it has so much to offer. Playing golf, visiting museums or various parks are only a few activities one can try out. Plenty of beaches that lets you play volleyball, and you can find all sorts of beaches – from those with golden sand to the ones that have crystalline waters – an excellent thing for swimmers. La Asegurada Municipal Museum should be on your list of places to visit, especially if you love art. Spending one week in Costa Blanca will not be enough. You will want to devote more time here to explore everything this island has to offer. As a final note, make sure to try local cuisine. You will be pleasantly surprised. Adults Only Hotels in Costa Blanca.


Costa del Sol adults holiday

 The name of the island means “Sunshine Coast, ” and the majority of the territory is in Malaga. Malaga, among other resorts, is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Spain. Shallow and sandy beaches are something that a lot of people look for when going on vacation. Costa del Sol is your ideal pick if you want these conditions. The way you want to spend your time is entirely up to you. Whether it is a good book while holding a glass of wine, or something else, everything is available. For younger people, it is nightlife and bars that attract them the most. And while the fun doesn’t start until around midnight, there is still a lot of stuff to do until then. Sightseeing is a great way to spend your day, and the variety of excursions that local agencies offer gives more than enough attractions. Costa del Sol is an ideal destination if you want to relax and forget everything that’s worrying you. The island has everything – attractive beaches, nightlife, parks, etc. Adults Only Hotels in Costa del Sol.


Fuerteventura adult holidays

It shouldn’t surprise you that people go to Fuerteventura a lot. The main attraction of this place is the beaches. Once you visit the island, you will understand why that’s the case. There are more than one hundred and fifty beaches and no wonder that people are coming back here every year. Moreover, you will be able to reach bars or restaurants with ease, as they are built near the relaxing grounds. Parque Natural de Corralejo is a magical place that stretches for ten kilometres, and it attracts all the people of the island. If you are into water sports, Fuerteventura is an excellent decision to pick for a holiday. In July, there is a massive event hosted on the island. It attracts all sorts of water sports athletes, including kitesurfers and windsurfers. The competition is competitive, and it is an excellent opportunity to try your skills. As you can see, the island is ideal for action lovers. And even if you happen to be more of a couch potato, why not give a chance to one of the favourite water sports? Who knows, you might get hooked for life and never look back. And if sports aren’t your cup of tea, you can do some exploration and go on a safari or go horse riding. Fuerteventura offers plenty to all sorts of people. All you have to do is know what exactly you want, and the island will take care of the rest. Adults Only Hotels in Fuerteventura.


Gran Canaria destination

A successful adults only holiday destination, Gran Canaria is one of the cities that still maintain traditions and local culture, while still offering a lot to the visitors. The shape of the island is often described as something that reminds people of a continent, small in size, though. And the coastline has a variety of natural wonders, from high cliffs to golden sand beaches. At the heart of Gran Canaria, there is more than enough attractions. Nightclubs, shops, and even more beaches. You can find the biggest beaches on the southern part of the island. While it would be difficult to name all the great resorts, one in particular stands out. Playa del Ingles is an attractive centre that lures people with all the great things it has to offer. Culture and tradition, spectacular scenery, golden beaches, and the sunshine. Gran Canaria has it all and more. People come to the island throughout the year, and it remains to be one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Adults Only Hotels in Gran Canaria.


Lanzarote adults only destination

UNESCO declared this island among its protected locations. There are more than three hundred volcanoes, the reason why Lanzarote looks the way it does today. The island has a population of over one hundred and thirty thousand people and an incredible landscape. Local habitats grow vegetables and fruits, which are plenty. Cesar Manrique was born on the island, and his art can be found throughout the island. He is one of the main reasons why so many people visit the island and spend their time here walking around and appreciating the work of this extraordinary man. It usually takes more than a few days to explore everything that Cesar has designed, as virtually the entire island is his creation, to an extent. Lanzarote has been the adults only holiday destination for quite a while since barely any kids can appreciate the art. It takes one look around to realize why this island is so attractive to people from all over the world. The most popular resorts are full of fabulous beaches. The locations are also ideal for water sports, and no wonder so many enthusiasts of this activity come for a visit. If you happen to be on the island, make sure to take a tour of Timanfaya. It’s a national park, and it has plenty to offer. If you love travelling by boat, go for a trip to La Graciosa and enjoy the crystal clear water. Go to local vineyards and experience the local product. Take a bike and go for a ride in one of the many excellent routes that the island has to offer. Adults Only Hotels in Lanzarote.