Best seaside resorts in Mexico

Known for its fantastic culture and beaches for all sunbathing enthusiasts out there, Mexico is definitely a place to visit. Some people believe that just the beaches themselves should be more than enough for you to go there. With over 450 beaches Mexico has to offer, you can pick a choice from ones overlooking Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico as well as the Gulf of California. Due to the shift in climate, each beach has something different to offer.

Those who are looking for a vacation destination should pick Mexico as their first choice. Plenty of attractions makes the country a popular location among tourists from all over the world.

The period between November to May is the best for those looking for sunny days and serenity of the sea. The period from August to September should not be considered as it mostly consists of storms and plenty of clouds who block the sunshine everyone seeks. 

Plenty of choices when it comes to seaside resorts. The choice may be difficult but pretty much every one of these resorts will leave you satisfied.

1. Cancun

Seekers of a busy nightlife and beaches, as well as a five-star hotel, should definitely consider Cancun as their pick. For history enthusiasts, you will be able to see Mayan ruins and experience the architecture of local buildings. For sports junkies, there are a few golf courses and locations for scuba diving or snorkeling. Moreover, if you are in the mood to taste local cuisine, a visit to Museo Sensorial del Tequilla should leave you more than satisfied. If you do end up deciding to visit Cancun, do so between December to April.

Cancun beach view in Mexico

2. Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen started out as a relatively small fishing village but recently it grew and became one of the most popular Mexican resorts with plenty of attractions. The location of the town makes it an ideal destination. You can access Cancun’s international airport with ease as well as reach places like Cozumel, Coba, Tula etc. It would be sinful not to visit 5th Ave – a pedestrian street which stretches for more than 25 blocks and is filled with shops, bars, and restaurants. For those into diving, Playa is a no-brainer – it has a magnificent sea life as well as breathtaking underwater caverns.

Playa del Carmen beach

3. Cozumel

On the other side of Playa del Carmen, you can fin Cozumel – an island which is considered to be one of the most popular destinations among those seeking diving adventures. On top of that, history and nature fanatic should also be left pleasantly surprised. Those who look for a more relaxing environment, San Miguel, a town of the island, offers plenty of places to visit and experience the calm life of a Mexico town.

Cozumel beach

4. Puerto Vallarta

The scenery of this lush and sandy resort makes Vallarta a huge success among tourists. Exquisite restaurants and a variety of nightclubs attract people from all over the world. Resort is known for its beaches. Playa Olas Altas, or High Waves Beach, does not actually have big waves and is considered to be the best when it comes to swimming. Another popular beach has a rather strange and somewhat off-putting name – Playa Los Muertos (Dead Man’s Beach). It’s difficult to figure out why it is called like that, but nevertheless, it is the biggest Vallarta has. Like in most resorts, you can choose between scuba diving or fishing as well as sailing or kite surfing if you end up bored for some reason.

Puerto Vallarta beach

5. Acapulco

No doubt one of the most famous beach resorts, an icon of sorts. Plenty of great beaches like Hornos or Icacos can be found in Acapulco. The greatest thing about the city is its night-life. It has been like that for ages. One unusual attraction can also be witnessed in the city – cliff divers who jump to a shallow water from about 150 feet high. The location of Acapulco is ideal for those who want to do some aquatic activities.

Acapulco beach in Mexico

6. Tulum

Thanks to the design of Tulum, people can see the ocean while visiting the resort. Considered to be one of the best in terms of imagery, Tulum offers magical beaches of the Caribbean as well as stunning archaeology ruins. Yucatan Peninsula is where Tulum can be found and it is one of the most recent cities Mayans have built. For those who pick Tulum as their preferred destination, there should be more than enough attractions to choose from.

Tulum ruins and beach

7. Mazatlan

Winter is when you can find the biggest number of people in Mazatlan. With beaches that stretch for more than 10 miles, this little paradise is exceptional when it comes to nightlife. Ideal conditions for those who would like to try surfing make the city even more attractive. Zona Dorada is where you can find the most restaurants and shops as well as hotels while Centro Historico offers you a glimpse of a life when tourists did not know about the place.

Mazatlan seaside town

8. Cabo San Lucas

Best known for luxurious nightlife and fine dining, Cabo San Lucas is an exceptional place to look for gorgeous shots on your camera. The constant activity of wind and sea has formed magnificent rock formations which are a must-see. The city if a well-known fishing location. Nature provided Cabo San Lucas with an environment and conditions for fish to thrive in.

Cabo San Lucas seaside resort

9. Playa Maroma

Playa Maroma can be found about 50 kilometers away from the Riviera Maya. It is a perfect location for those seeking solitude and quietness. Gorgeous beaches are ideal for sunbathing and the water is so clear you can begin snorkeling immediately once in the water.

Playa Maroma in Mexico

10. Puerto Escondido

The resort is popular among people who like to surf or are fans of any other water sport. It is also a great choice for simply relaxing by spending your time on a beach. The area in the west of Puerto Escondido is quite attractive among fishers and birdwatchers.

Puerto Escondido coast in Mexico