Popular places to stay in Cyprus

Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is 3rd in terms of size and popularity in the region.

The waters surrounding the island give a sense of paradise and wherever you go, a beach will be waiting for you. The variety of beaches Cyprus has to offer is massive. Every spot has something unique, including the color of sand or water or life in the sea itself. By the way, whichever beach you will choose, there is one thing that applies to them all – quality. Whenever there is a contest for best beaches, no doubt what Cyprus has to offer is on the top of the list. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that 57 Blue Flag beaches can be found on the island.


This resort is located in the southeast of the island. It was built with a purpose in mind – to give people opportunity to experience majestic scenery while talking a walk. Some people call Protaras golden beach thanks to its sand. Waters are not very deep here, so even those with not much swimming experience can enjoy themselves. Not taking that much of space, area has plenty of bars and restaurants to offer. Rest assured, they will be filled with people. If you are looking for adventures underwater, make sure to visit Cape Greco. In terms of nightlife, Ayia Napa will offer you the best clubs and bars.

Protaras resort popular place to stay in Cyprus

Ayia Napa

Bustling and vivid resort, Avia Napa can be found in the south of the Country. Warm weather and plenty of attractions make this resort popular with tourists throughout the year. Nevertheless, once the sun sets, that’s the time when the nightlife in the resort truly begins. People flood the area and young people swarm it in thousands to experience what the place has to offer. For those seeking perfect beach holiday, Ayia Napa is the place to go. Nissi Beach is known for its sand and scenery. For those wanting to stay dry, there is an opportunity to take Dolphin Boat Safari. Sounds exotic, right? It is, and you just might end up seeing a whale.

Ayia Napa is most popular resort in Cyprus


The city is known for stunning nature and plenty of magical areas to visit. According to the Greek mythology, this is where Aphrodite, goddess of beauty, first came and made the place her home. Paphos has plenty to offer, including museums, archeological sites etc. Akamas Peninsula, which is close to the city, has mesmerizing monasteries, beautiful villages, and spots where you can take a walk and enjoy the scenery. Once you come to the peninsula, an instant feeling of ancient times will surge through you. Ktima and Kato Paphos is where you can find most of the facilities. The area is more chill and weather might be a few degrees cooler due to its exposure to occasional breezes. As you can see, Paphos is just the perfect choice and has something to offer for everybody.

Paphos resort in Cyprus


Larnaca is without a doubt one of the most luxurious and best resorts Cyprus has. Once on the beach, you will find yourself surrounded by palm trees, which give you a sense of paradise, as well as squat fort – something of older times. A couple of steps deeper will get you to a beautiful old town. A famous Church of St. Lazarus can be found here. Another attraction everyone should visit is the Turkish quarter where you can find ceramic artisans and bring yourself a souvenir worthy of fortune in terms of quality. Larnaca is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a more relaxed place with fewer tourists. Nevertheless, fewer people does not mean the quality of the resort is worse. Just like anywhere on the Cyprus, quality of beaches, hotels and other tourist attractions are top notch.

Larnaca seaside resort in Cyprus


Better known as its second name Lemesos, this city is a beach enthusiast’s wet dream. Without a doubt, Lemesos is a cosmopolitan centre of the island. The balance between modern times and antiquity is perfect. You can find pretty much anything you want. This includes restaurants and night clubs of the highest caliber, as well as other attractions one might look for. Akrotiri Peninsula beaches are a must-visit and villages in Mandaria region will leave you breathless. Culture and nightlife thrive in Lemesos and offer you something that few places in the world have.

Limassol coast view

It doesn’t matter whether your purpose for holiday is to relax on the beach or enjoy the nightlife of something totally different than what you are used to. Cyprus is without a doubt one of the hottest locations in the world at the moment and should be visited by everyone looking to get away from it all and forget their problems.