Tenerife travel guide

The Canary Islands are one of the most popular places among the tourists nowadays. Tenerife, while being the largest of the islands, is also one of the most commonly visited destinations. Thousands of people come here to experience amazing beaches and awesome nightlife. The biggest advantage of Tenerife is the weather – it’s sunny all the time.

The island has a lot of beaches for sunbathing enthusiasts. If you are into a more active lifestyle, there are plenty of opportunities to go cycling or climb rocks. The imagery of the islands is also exquisite. A quick image search on the Internet should give you an idea of how beautiful a place Tenerife is.

The island has ten different beaches and an area by a coast reserved for everyone who wants to enjoy the sun.



The Ancient Dragon Tree

If you ever wondered what a tree which is about 800 years looks like, look no further. This ancient miracle has a diameter of about 20 meters and is more than 15 meters tall.

Dragon Tree

Anaga Rural Park

Still untouched by man’s hand, this little piece of nature still can boast of having a primordial laurel forest – something that is super rare nowadays. Take a stroll through the park and experience the beauty of nature in all its glory.

La Laguna Old Town

Protected by UNESCO, this architectural masterpiece of Spanish colonial era is a monument of what man can create if he sets his mind to it.

Teide National Park

Part of a World Heritage, the site brings more than 3 million people each year to experience the volcanic atmosphere of the island. Every visitor leaves the place speechless after witnessing the landscape that the national park has to offer.

Mount Teide on Tenerife island

The old town of La Orotava

If you look to have a quiet and relaxing evening, La Orotava is the place to go. The history and virtue of the town can be seen in its architecture which dates back to 16th century. The tourists can enjoy a nice meal in one of the great restaurants or find a nice souvenir to buy in a local store.

Los Gigantes

The name translates to “The Giants” and it should not surprise anyone. The massive cliffs go more than 600 meters above the sea level and can cause quite a sensation while even while observing from below.

Los Gigantes in Tenerife island


Relax on the El Medano Beach

You will be provided with a beach which stretches for more than a kilometer. The gem of the island is isolated from the urban area and is a perfect spot for anyone looking to find their little paradise and get away from it all.

Have fun at Siam Park

Often thought of as a great attraction, Siam Park has become the largest water park Europe has. The design and all kinds of attractions, including water slides which go almost as high as 30 meters, it would be sinful to not give this place a visit if you happen to be on Tenerife. Once there, you will be engaged in activities and occupied for the whole day. A definite place to check out.

Siam Park in Tenerife

Whale Watching

Even if you are not the biggest fan of marine life, the west coast of the island will provide you with an opportunity to see more than 20 different species of sea mammals.

Try the local cuisine

Like any other attractive and popular island, Tenerife has its own local cuisine. The place is filled with all sorts of restaurants which offer a variety of dishes. Even though seafood is the most popular, the likes of Canarian stew or “papas arrugadas” will make your mouth water. Honey is the most popular dish when it comes to deserts, but something as simple as ice cream should not be difficult to find.

Loro Parque

Millions of people come to see the majestic park of wildlife and sea creatures. You will find Loro Parque in the north part of Tenerife, and it should be an obligation to go and see the orca show and everything else the place has in store for its visitors.

Loro Parque Tenerife



Despite the fact that Tenerife has a sunny weather all year long, it gets the most tourists while it’s winter in Europe. Some raining might occur during the period from November to February if you are in the northern part of the island. Most people, though, would probably recommend a month of September – ideal combination of great weather and the prices.